About Nico

Nico’s healthy obsession with belly dance started very early in 2011 while looking for a way to reconnect with her self after the birth of her son. Lucky for her, she happened to be channel slamming one morning and found the show ‘Shimmy’, and that was it: love at first step. What started out as a short half hour follow-along with a TV show quickly turned into a dedicated self taught practice with dvds, how to videos and of course the ever useful inter-web.

After a year of self teaching, it was time to find a real life teacher; enter Minya of Jumping Camel Belly Dance! Nico started taking classes in fall 2012 and joined the performance troupe in 2013.

Since then, she continues to take weekly classes, classes and workshops with many amazing instructors including Rachel George, Nourhan Sharif, Karim Nagi, George Sawa, Ashley Rhianne, Joharra, and more. 

Nico is also known for her skill and knowledge of finger cymbals (sagat), so be sure to check out her classes and performances.

Tel. 587-888-6331   nicobellydance@outlook.com

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