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Raqs Sharqi, or better known as 'Belly Dance' in the western world, is my passion and my life.  It moves me in ways I can not describe, and I love to share this joy with everyone I meet through performance and teaching.


Upcoming Dates


*IN STUDIO CLASSES ARE BACK* In-person classes are currently held at Jumping Camels shiny new studio space in SE Calgary near Chinook mall. Click here to register before classes fill up!

Musicality for Oriental Dancers workshop- April.17, 2021

1-3 pm

Nico will teach her approach to ME music and guide students through drills and combinations to help develop and teach an understanding of what musicality is.

register here 

***Important Update - February.8, 2021*** - Unfortunately at this time, Nico is not taking bookings for performance events due to the COVID-19 pandemic and provincial regulatins.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

In Studio and Online Classes

Nico teaches regular in-person classes with Jumping Camel belly dance in Calgary. Dates and registration can be found here. Registration is now open for in-person and onlne classes!!

**Masks are required for all in-person classes**

Online classes are here ! Nico is excited to be working on pre-filmed classes that will be available through the Udemy platform with a focus on a complete beginners class for finger cymbals, with classes for dancers with more cymbal experience coming soon. Head to the 'online class' page to start your training.

Belly Dance Parties and Workshops

Single class parties are an amazing way to celebrate stagettes, birthdays, or just for fun and are available on request. Cost covers 1 hour of instruction, plus hip scarves for participants to borrow, and one for the guest of honor to keep.

 $105/ hr flat rate for up to ten guests (additional students are $10 each). Contact Nico to get more information or book your class/party today!


Start your event off with some glitter and glam! Belly Dance is a sure way to get your guests up, moving and having a great time. Its family friendly, interactive and will make your event one to remember.

Nico is available for many events including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirement parties, grand openings, community events, and so much more! Standard-style shows and prices include:

Full Stage Show - 20-25 minutes of choreographed stage show. May include costume change if requested. $285

Full Restaurant Show - 20-25 minutes improvised and interactive. May contain up to ten minutes of choreographed stage show upon request. If contracted for multiple shows, cost per show is decreased. $260

Mini Show- 15 minutes of choreographed and/or improvised dance $210

Short and Sweet - 10  Minutes of choreographed and/or improvised dance. $160